We are a security solutions for homes and businesses!!

  • Residential Complexes
  • Public and private schools
  • Retail Venues
  • Parking Lots
  • Governmental
  • Hotel, Lodge, BnB
  • Special Events
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Other Industrial & Facilities

Scope of work

Risk Terminator shall employ every lawful means to prevent loss of life, theft, robbery, house breakings, explosions, fire, sabotage, espionage and other occurrences. We are a licensed insured business and we will offer competent and well registered qualified guards. Risk Terminator will provide our guards with extra training to ensure that our policies and procedures remain effective on the following purpose:

  • To guard entrances and screen guests
  • To monitor client’s premises with video surveillance
  • To deter crime with visual presence
  • To organize response in the case of fire, evacuation and other emergencies
  • To respond to customers and employees health emergencies and accidents
  • To eject unwanted visitors or trespasses
  • To liaison with the approved armed response via panic button for backup in the case of robbery, house breaking, theft, car hijacking or stealing and other emergencies
  • To liaison with police and city emergency responders
  • To patrol the premises at least on 30 minutes to check any defects on any area of the premise

Our Security guards on duty will be equipped with the following resources:

  • Full uniform with name tags, PSIRA Identity cards and ranks
  • Occurrence book, attendance and visitors and vehicles register
  • Pocket books
  • Two-way Radio
  • Cellular phone
  • Firearm (armed guard)
  • Steel helmet (armed guard)
  • Duty belt (armed guard)
  • Bullet proof vest (armed guard)
  • Torch
  • Flashlight
  • Pepper spray
  • Electric Shock Baton Stick
  • Handcuffs
  • First Aid Kits

Management and Control

The management of Risk Terminator shall at any time 24 hours visits the site or premise to ensure that duties are carried out properly.

Private Investigators
Body guarding
Security Consultant
Entertainment Venue Control
Security Control Room

Other Services

  • Commercial & Residential Cleaning
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Office Furniture
  • Door & Window Fitting
  • Kitchen Units Installation